We each have different morals, shaped by our individual upbringing, culture and life experiences. These diverse moral codes result in different perceptions of what’s right, fair and reasonable.

Answer this 10 question quiz to help reflect on your own values and beliefs. It covers:

  • Attitudes towards power & authority
  • Belief & its functions
  • Blind spots & bias
  • Impact & consequences
  • Power differentials

1. When growing up, did you?
2. Are you aware of having a system of beliefs?
3. Do you think your beliefs affect how you behave?
4. Do you respect others to have the right to their beliefs?
5. Do you consider yourself to hold prejudices?
6. Do you think you behave better towards some types of people than others?
7. Do you consider honesty to be a core value?
8. Which of these best describes ‘informed consent’ in relation to intimate, sexual relationships?
9. Which of these statements best describes your attitude to the impact and consequences for women affected by deceitful, undercover operations?
10. How is the inherent power that stems from your role as a police officer to be used?