Watch actor Tam Dean Burn set out potential scenarios you may encounter undercover, and listen out for the top tips


How would you deal with each of these scenarios?

While you are at a party of activists, a woman tells you she fancies you and asks you out for a drink. How do you decline whilst still seeming friendly?

You’re in the pub with your target group. One of the group tells you about someone in the group who’s planning to ask you out. How do you explain why you don’t want a relationship?

People in your group are starting to ask why you never have a girlfriend or boyfriend. You’ve been around several months now, you’re good looking and sociable. How do you manage the situation?


Now watch actor Danny Coonan show you how to do it by the book.

Please note – although this is the recommended approach we are obliged to remind you that your role involves manipulating, deceiving and betraying people which, it is generally accepted, is inconsistent with being a decent human being.